Habitat made with Art. Rocks FRANK KOTULA with his 2003 World Championship award winning Brown Trout
Habitat made with Art. Rocks!

About Art. Rocks

AMV was founded in 1998 to manufacture and commercialize a newly patented form of foamed recycled glass. The unique qualities of this material are useful in many consumer and industrial applications and one of our earliest markets to enter was habitat construction in the taxidermy field.

In 2001 AMV introduced "Art. Rocks" to the taxidermy market during the 2001 World taxidermy competition, where it was quickly discovered that taxidermists could very profitably use Art. Rocks as artificial rock in habitat construction.

Before the introduction of Art. Rocks, there was no ready-to-use lightweight artificial rock products for habitat simulations available in the sizes AMV is able to produce (from sand to cobblestone in size). Until this time, these sizes were made from paper mache, molding two-part foam, fiberglass or using actual natural rocks. Taxidermists like the lightweight nature of the Art. Rocks products, and their ease of use, time savings, ease of shaping, easy adhesion and coloring as well as its price.